We are at the start of a brand new year! How are you getting on towards making 2019 your best year ever?

Have you celebrated what you accomplished in 2018?

Would like expert help creating your Vision and Goals for 2019? Would you like some more motivation? Are you struggling to remain focused on your priorities? Are you considering making changes and need to prepare?  


Boost your confidence, motivation, clarity & goal focus at Brighter Thinking LIVE! Friday 25 January 2019, Moorgate, London 09.30 am – 5.30 pm 

within Underground Zone 1 & under 10 mins walk from Moorgate tube station.

Enjoy a fun and highly interactive day with a like-minded group of Brighter Thinkers and receive support (and challenge!) from me to help you create and sustain success in 2019 – and beyond. 

I will be taking you and a small group of other leaders and business owners on a fun adventure...

Here’s what we will focus on this time:

Module 1: Celebrate 2018 & gain clarity on what you want for 2019

We will celebrate and acknowledge 2018. Next we will establish where you are now i.e. your starting point and determine what success will look like in 2019.  

Module 2: Explore your Vision & create your goals for 2019 

Have fun creating your bespoke Vision for 2019. You will also learn the essential components for how to commit to achieving what is important for you in all areas of your life. You know, that goal that you keep putting off... ;). 

Module 3: Brighter Thinking strategies to increase confidence  

This may apply to you and/or you may want to help increase the confidence of those who you work or live with. Enjoy the shortcuts and learn about what REALLY works, tried and tested with my clients. 

Module 4: Brain-friendly strategies to boost motivation immediately (or fast)

Too many people stay stuck, don’t ask for help and prefer the slow lane towards success. A Brighter Thinker is not one of them! This will give you priority boarding to achieve your goals. (The same can’t always be said of some travel companies, ahem).  

Module 5: The neuroscience of creating new (positive) habits

Your brain will either conspire to work for you and make it easier to achieve your goals, or against you and repeatedly sabotage your success. The choice is yours. Increase your learning about the brain so that you can be more in control - and win. 

Plus, why being successful in all of this contributes to achieving brain-friendly peak performance and how neuroscience and positive psychology will support you. 

Only £99 including 

Continental breakfast on arrival 3 course hot lunch (4, if you enjoy cheese & biscuits too!) Afternoon tea All other refreshments  


*Procrastinators will pay £199

Previous participants said:

"I loved Rachel's unassuming and brilliant way to distillate powerful insights about the brain as she was making us pause, reflect and revisit priorities. Levels of collective intelligence in the room were also boosted by the diversity of participants gathered by Rachel, all the way through a light-hearted, hands-on and productive day. Really good value for money!" 

- Laurent Terseur, Executive & Team Coach, France

“Following Brighter Thinking LIVE! January 2018, I have begun to declutter and I have realised small steps make it happen for me. Afterwards I felt great and still do. I have no doubt ups and downs go together but accepting and putting into perspective helps so much. Thank you, great job!” 

-Mary Foryszewski, The Paw-fect Dog School, Surrey

“Since attending Brighter Thinking LIVE! January 2018, I have been able to maintain higher energy levels while working on important tasks - peak performance for longer!”  

- Steve Markham, Business Analyst, Southampton

“Cracking Brighter Thinking LIVE! session from Rachel today. She is an awesome facilitator. Calm, kind, supportive and very positive. She is da-bomb!”

-Alex Papworth, Designer, Lloyds Banking Group, London 

You will be able to implement everything that you learn on the day immediately. 

You will leave the day having created:

  • New neural connections from insights from your results & success in 2018  
  • A massive boost in your motivation to sustain and increase your success 
  • More confidence, so that you will accomplish what you set out to do
  • Clarity from determining what you REALLY want for 2019 
  • A clear, compelling Vision for 2019
  • Tangible goals that you are emotionally committed to achieving 
  • New knowledge and a deeper understanding of how your brain can support you in creating new, positive habits to achieve your particular goals 
  • New like-minded friends and much more!  

(Plus, new business relationships were created between participants at previous events!)  

This is my Brighter Thinking guarantee. Too many other workshops focus on some time in the future. This is about doing it NOW.  

You will not need to spend extra money buying special equipment, apps and extra staff or change what you eat or drink! You won’t need to become a different person either.  

However, you will need to be open to thinking and doing something differently, plus willing to help others to do the same so that they can achieve similar benefits to you.  

I know that you enjoy taking action quickly... so you will be pleased to know that there are a limited number of VIP Early-Booking seats available now for only £99.

Only £99 including  

Continental breakfast on arrival 3 course hot lunch (4, if you enjoy cheese & biscuits too!) Afternoon tea All other refreshments  

*Procrastinators will pay £199

Book your seat now by completing the order form below

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Brighter Thinking LIVE! seat
Brighter Thinking LIVE! seat

Any questions?

Why is the investment to attend only £99?

“Wow! £99 and even £199 is an absolutely amazing price for a full workshop day in central London AND with all refreshments including a hot lunch too. Why is it such a low price?”  

1. I like to reward action takers because after all, taking action is what makes change happen and gets results.  

2. I prefer to give lots of value so that you get more bang for your buck (ahem!).  

3. I am on a mission to reach more people so that they too can benefit from all the life-changing confidence, strategies and success that my private clients enjoy. I do not want the cost to be a barrier to anyone from attending.  

4. The brain does not register an online connection in the same rewarding and healthy way as being in a room together does. This day is a deliberate opportunity for lovely supportive, inspiring leaders and business owners to connect in a more meaningful way.  

5. I am rather good at negotiating with the venues to get a fair price for their services! I have organised many workshops and events, plus my previous corporate career working on some of the largest consumer exhibitions definitely helps! 

How many participants will be in the group? 

A maximum of 20 adults. Individual support and attention is important and research reflects that there is an ideal size of a group for a workshop to enable the best learning experience – and be brain-friendly. Plus, this size group will give you opportunity to connect with everyone else too.  

Is Brighter Thinking LIVE! a lecture?  

No! All my speaking, workshops and training events are highly interactive. Expect exercises in pairs, small groups and individual reflection throughout the day. Having a sense of humour is essential – it aids learning.  

I have another question 

I am sorry if I have not covered everything here. Please email your question to info@rachelbamber.com. It will be really me who replies - and not a robot! 

About Rachel Bamber PCC

  I’m an expert in using powerful, brain-friendly strategies to deliver peak performance. I’ve helped people all over the world to work with their brain to get what they want – faster and with zero stress. As a result of working with me, my clients are happier, more confident, have clarity on their direction, have more time for fun – and have got their mojo back! Among the pioneering adventurers who have worked with me include people in the public eye, corporate leaders and super-ambitious small business owners. I was a nominee for the GLE Rising Star Award in business and I am the first person in the world to be awarded the Postgraduate Diploma in the Neuroscience of Leadership. After leading successful sales teams to exceed targets in the high pressure environment of consumer media (Express Newspapers plc, BBC Haymarket Exhibitions, BAFTA), I realised an ambition to found my own business, Brighter Thinking in 2003. 

Only £99 including  

Continental breakfast on arrival 3 course hot lunch (4, if you enjoy cheese & biscuits too!) Afternoon tea All other refreshments  

Refund Policy: In the unlikely event that your fingers have done the walking, before any deciding or talking, you have seven days from date of purchase to cancel your seat at Brighter Thinking Live.  

Please telephone to arrange a conversation with Rachel on +44 (0) 20 7183 7961. It may be possible to transfer your seat to attend a future event instead; otherwise a full refund will be offered.  

To ensure an amazing learning experience for all those who will be attending, there are no refunds available after seven days from date of purchase.